Latest Chaos Groove downloads

The old links on the funkemunke site now no longer work, as I have had to change my homepage.

I have now updated the downloads to the new links below.

In addition, this is a slightly improved version of Chaos Groove with the following changes:

  • Fixed slow down when right clicking on empty squares on the board to highlight creatures by wizard colour
  • Fixed fireballing wizard on creature not killing a wizard
  • Made the game share more time with the operating system (windows) which saves CPU and battery power on laptop’s/netbook
  • Optimised text positioning slightly to make the text look a little better on my 1024 x 600 netbook.
  • Fixed black outline around gfx which affected some gfx card chipsets.

Here are the new links:
(This will need a few tweaks to the MSVC project properties to get it to work on different PC’s)
(Contains a list of creature stats, including the new chaos groove creatures, which I used to balance the creature stats and fill in gaps that existed in the original creature stats)

Another new Chaos Remake


A new chaos remake by the guy who helped add the new creature graphics to Chaos Groove. 🙂


As promised.. here is the source code:

You might have to fiddle with things to get it to work, please have a look at the readme file first.

I have it proves useful for people. I have no motivation left for working on this anymore, so you are on your own with this. Sorry!


Chaos Groove V0.9

Finally an update!


Well, things didn’t go to plan as I was hoping to do a release in early January. Unfortunately real life and lack of motivation got in the way..

I’m afraid it’s doubtful if I will do another release except for one that includes the source code. I would love to do more work on this, fixing bugs, adding features and new spells. But I just have no motivation anymore, it’s nearly a year since I started this and I want to move onto new things now.

This latest version has quite a few new things though:

Bug fixes
Default ‘use desktop resolution’ mode in the display.ini text file
8 Different pieces of music
A lot of cool new comedy samples
Faster spell casting ‘missile’ effect
Victory screen/effect
Choice of Chaos Funk & Chaos Groove Spell pack
Many new creatures and spells in the Chaos Groove spell pack

Things to be aware of: Some of the spell chances might be a bit unbalanced, but they can be altered by you if you wish. The AI does not currently use the new non-creature spells intelligently..

The new creature gfx were contributed a long time ago by a guy with the nickname of Septimus. He sent me these great gfx, but they we both lost motivation and I never heard from him again. I haven’t smoothed out the new gfx or done proper spell icons. I’ve just got this release out for you all rather than spend even longer trying to make it more polished.

There is possibly some new problems with this release, but hopefully there won’t be too many bugs.

I will release the source soon, which although messy does let people develop it further if they wish.. 

Mental Note

This is really more to serve as a reminder for myself..

Fixed bug with flying with magic wings from ridable creature into magic wood tree.

Fixed bug with gooey blobs covering other gooey blobs instead of just replacing them.

Sneak Preview

Just a teaser of what is coming soon… 😉

Sneak Preview

External help

This post is for people to comment on progress made towards a website, extra music, sound samples or new gfx.

So,  any progress made lately? 😉

New Spell ideas needed

As we approach v1.0 I am going to start adding some new spells for the new Chaos Groove Spell pack (the current ones only will still be playable in the Chaos Funk pack).

So, I am looking for some good spell ideas to possibly implement. Sadly the old suggestions on have long since disappeared. Anyway, please feel free to post suggestions here and I’ll see if there are some I like that are implementable..


Chaos Groove V0.75

My God! It’s full of spells.. 😮


This new version adds a spell option menu where you can play with some cool new options including having upto 80 spells and receiving bonus spells for killing other wizards. Although this spell option menu isn’t yet complete, I thought people would enjoy the new game possibilities. 🙂

I also fixed an error with the last two wizard colours (orange and purple) and a bug where the death wizard animation sprites weren’t freed from memory after going off the edge of the screen.


ChaosGroove v0.71

I still haven’t had time to do any work on Chaos Groove. Real world issues are completely dominating my time and attention at the moment. However I have updated the zip to include the latest version v0.71 which includes the bug fixes I listed in the previous blog entry. Please leave a comment if there are any problems.

I’m not sure when I’ll have time to work properly on Chaos Groove. I hope it won’t be too long..