Chaos Groove Demo no. 3

Demo no. 3 is now available!

Screenshot 18 for Chaos Groove

Chaos Groove Demo

Some more last minute bugs delayed things and I’m sure there are still some nasty ones in there. But I need to release today.. 😉 Just accept that it will have some issues. 🙂

Ok, all the spells are now in there and the AI also uses them all and is in general better. You can now go into magic castles and trees created by an enemy wizard, and this seems to be working ok, but I’ve not had too much time to test.

There are a few more effects in there as well, which help make things look a bit better, although the time between effects and general logic may now be a bit too fast. After testing a lot, you tend to speed things up rather than have events happen slowly. 😛

Still missing are proper engaged to enemy option at the start of a creature’s movement, undead can’t be attacked option and illusions & the disbelieve spell.

Hope there are no serious problems and you enjoy the new demo!


Thanks for the positive feedback on the first demo release!

Apart from a few teething issues for one person with a laptop, it seems the demo works well. I’m also pleased to see people like the modern interface and graphics, which I think does help the gameplay.

The next demo release will have the display settings stored in an easily modifyable text file, so people can alter this to make the game run according to their machines capabilities and also to suit their own preferences.

Of course, I can’t promise that all feedback suggestions I receive will be implemented, but some of the feedback ideas will no doubt be implemented that will make the game better.