Latest Chaos Groove downloads

The old links on the funkemunke site now no longer work, as I have had to change my homepage.

I have now updated the downloads to the new links below.

In addition, this is a slightly improved version of Chaos Groove with the following changes:

  • Fixed slow down when right clicking on empty squares on the board to highlight creatures by wizard colour
  • Fixed fireballing wizard on creature not killing a wizard
  • Made the game share more time with the operating system (windows) which saves CPU and battery power on laptop’s/netbook
  • Optimised text positioning slightly to make the text look a little better on my 1024 x 600 netbook.
  • Fixed black outline around gfx which affected some gfx card chipsets.

Here are the new links:
(This will need a few tweaks to the MSVC project properties to get it to work on different PC’s)
(Contains a list of creature stats, including the new chaos groove creatures, which I used to balance the creature stats and fill in gaps that existed in the original creature stats)

Another new Chaos Remake


A new chaos remake by the guy who helped add the new creature graphics to Chaos Groove. 🙂