ChaosGroove v0.71

I still haven’t had time to do any work on Chaos Groove. Real world issues are completely dominating my time and attention at the moment. However I have updated the zip to include the latest version v0.71 which includes the bug fixes I listed in the previous blog entry. Please leave a comment if there are any problems.

I’m not sure when I’ll have time to work properly on Chaos Groove. I hope it won’t be too long..

ChaosGroove v0.7

I’ve just uploaded the latest v0.7 version which includes many sound effects as well as much more polish. It now looks more groovy and is funny to play.

This version contains sound samples which feature swearing. Be warned!

No screenshots! It’s a surprise for when you play the latest version.. 😉

And here’s the new download link:

Enjoy!! 😀

Nasty bugs

The last demo release included a nasty bug in there which when playing with a manoeuvre check at the start of a turn meant flying creatures could not be moved. After being brought to my attention, I fixed it quickly and released only to find the fix caused AI computer player lockups and incomplete land based movement.

After looking at the original code and the fix I saw the silly mistake I made, and have now fixed the original bug in a new (and better) way. I’ve tested this and so far I can move the flying creatures ok, and I see no more AI lockups after testing through many full AI games (on a fast speed).

In fixing this, I also found a rare AI bug with the new engaged ‘rule’ which meant that occasionally a creature could attack another, fail to kill it, but still be engaged. This confused the AI totally as it knew it had moved and attacked, so kept trying to do something.. I also added another check for the Escape key in this movement loop just in case this happens again. But, so far I can’t find another AI lockup after testing the new fixes.

Next time I should test properly rather than trying to be helpful and fix too quickly. 🙂

The bug fixed version is available from the normal download link…

Chaos Groove Demo no. 6

The latest version is now available to download! Finally you can cast illusions and disbelieve.. 🙂

The AI may still need some tweaking as to how often it casts illusions and disbelieve, but it seems to work alright at the moment.

This new demo also fixes a bug with creatures ‘raised from the dead’ sometimes not being able to move in the following movement phase. It also adds a World Balance text to show how chaotic or lawful the world is (although there is not really anywhere ideal to display it). The game also now tries to give cpu time back to the OS which makes it friendlier with other programs running as well as when running on laptops..

Oh, and I fixed a few extra spaces in some of the wizard names and tweaked a few things.

I’m going to work on the sound system next. 🙂

Chaos Groove Demo no. 5


A new release now I’m slowly getting used to being back in full-time employment. This release fixes some (but not all) of the bugs reported previously and adds a few new features including min/max magic resistance, some magic attack options on a wizard and some Undead options. They seem to work ok, but I’ve not had chance to fully test how the AI uses these options in a game. It might not work that well yet.. so be aware about that.

I’m going to work at adding Illusions next, which will be more complicated but will be good to see in there. 


Chaos Groove Demo no. 4

A new demo is now available, featuring some pretty basic menus which can let you choose several different game settings, including different board sizes, added board features, different wizard stats and random wizard names.

I’m a bit tired to list everything in full, so have a play and explore some of the different options. Progress has been patchy lately because I’m getting ready to go back to full-time work. But I thought a new demo would be nice.. 🙂

Progress will continue to be slower than before I’m afraid, but will continue..

Chaos Groove Demo no. 3

Demo no. 3 is now available!

Screenshot 18 for Chaos Groove

Chaos Groove Demo

Some more last minute bugs delayed things and I’m sure there are still some nasty ones in there. But I need to release today.. 😉 Just accept that it will have some issues. 🙂

Ok, all the spells are now in there and the AI also uses them all and is in general better. You can now go into magic castles and trees created by an enemy wizard, and this seems to be working ok, but I’ve not had too much time to test.

There are a few more effects in there as well, which help make things look a bit better, although the time between effects and general logic may now be a bit too fast. After testing a lot, you tend to speed things up rather than have events happen slowly. 😛

Still missing are proper engaged to enemy option at the start of a creature’s movement, undead can’t be attacked option and illusions & the disbelieve spell.

Hope there are no serious problems and you enjoy the new demo!

Chaos Groove Demo no. 2

Chaos Groove Screenshot

Here is what you’ve been waiting for, Demo number 2!

There are still some issues with this that I haven’t had time to add or fix yet:

  • Magic Wood trees can only be entered by the wizard who cast them. They are also attacked and shot as if they were normal creatures.
  • The AI doesn’t yet cast Raise Dead.
  • Wizard movement for the AI is a bit broken, sometimes it attacks when it doesn’t need to, and othertimes doesn’t. Also the AI doesn’t have code to deal with dismounting. But at least the AI now tries to ride creatures and get in trees.

Pressing the right mouse button over an empty board square will now highlight all creatures by their wizard’s colour..

Oh, The game now uses a text file: Display.ini to open a screenmode. The default option is to try to open a fullscreen screenmode of 1280 x 1024 using OpenGL. If this is not suitable for you then please edit the display.ini file to pick a screenmode that works better for you.

I’m sure I’ve missed something, but enjoy some of the new spells, and the better AI wizards!

Downloadable Demo Number #1

Well, it’s that time you’ve all been waiting for.. the first playable demo for you to drool over! 🙂

ChaosGroove Screenshot

In this demo you will play as one human wizard against 3 computer wizards, with the following restrictions:

  • Normal creatures can attack and kill undead creatures.
  • All creatures are real and there is no Disbelieve spell.
  • Only creature spells exist at the present.

Still all the new groove creature gfx are now in as well as ranged combat, rideable creatures, chaos/law balances and all of a wizard creations dying when their wizard is killed. A new starts if a wizard wins, and pressing Escape exits..

Enjoy the new higher resolution gfx and also enjoy playing around with the new modern user interface which makes playing the game easier than ever before!

This demo requires OpenGL and will try to open a true colour fullscreen screenmode in this order: 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 960, 1024 x 768, 800 x 600 and 640 x 480.

BTW: I’m not sure if the cloud effects will prove too slow on older PC’s, this will be optionable in the future..

I would greatly appreciate feedback on the game and the User Interface!