Mental Note

This is really more to serve as a reminder for myself..

Fixed bug with flying with magic wings from ridable creature into magic wood tree.

Fixed bug with gooey blobs covering other gooey blobs instead of just replacing them.

3 Responses to “Mental Note”

  1. Ville Says:


    Great remake! I have played the original with my buddies since the 1980s. I have a great idea. How about castles for wizards? I don’t mean the castle spell.
    They would be made from the basic tiles. A custom map perhaps?

  2. Érico Says:

    first sorry I had to go this way,
    congratulations on the evolving sprite tool, what a blast!

    I can’t post on retroremakes forum, can’t find someone to contact, can’t validate my 2 accounts with different emails and can’t do anything with it, sucks a lot.

    I thought to send my experiences with the sprite tool but can’t seem to make that forum work in anyways.

    my user name there is JBURTON ou ÉRICO MONTEIRO

    just thought to come by and congratulate you anyway I could, alwesome tool, need anything contact me.

    bye and thanks again

  3. happymonster Says:

    Thanks Erico!

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