Latest Chaos Groove downloads

The old links on the funkemunke site now no longer work, as I have had to change my homepage.

I have now updated the downloads to the new links below.

In addition, this is a slightly improved version of Chaos Groove with the following changes:

  • Fixed slow down when right clicking on empty squares on the board to highlight creatures by wizard colour
  • Fixed fireballing wizard on creature not killing a wizard
  • Made the game share more time with the operating system (windows) which saves CPU and battery power on laptop’s/netbook
  • Optimised text positioning slightly to make the text look a little better on my 1024 x 600 netbook.
  • Fixed black outline around gfx which affected some gfx card chipsets.

Here are the new links:
(This will need a few tweaks to the MSVC project properties to get it to work on different PC’s)
(Contains a list of creature stats, including the new chaos groove creatures, which I used to balance the creature stats and fill in gaps that existed in the original creature stats)

17 Responses to “Latest Chaos Groove downloads”

  1. OICW Says:

    Hi there, long time no see. I’m glad to hear that you still care about your little gem of yours. Nice to see that you’ve decided to release the source. May I question whether are you planning to make an announcement on

    • happymonster Says:


      I haven’t visited for a long time. Feel free to post on there if you wish. 🙂

      BTW: The source was available before for some time..

      • OICW Says:

        Oh really? Actually when I think about it once more you’re right, it was. I just forgot that, my bad. Anyway I hope you’re doing fine and wishing best that it’ll stay like that.

  2. lewster32 Says:

    Great stuff Richard, hopefully this is the beginning of a Chaos renaissance 😀

  3. Lebowsk1 Says:

    Hey Richard!

    Having started an attempt to do some programming (C#) my respect for what you guys do has increased even further.

    I’ve been playing a lot of Chaos Groove (about 50/50 compared to how often I play the original now) and I’m delighted you’re keeping it alive with some updates.

    One of these days I really will sit down and send you some spell requests. I mean I’d love to programme a remake of my own one day, but until that time in the distant future, yours is definitely the one to beat! 😉

    Just taking a look at the source code now… really want to get moving on this thing but motivation (always a problem for me) is such a factor. I can’t help but think hearing from you with regard your experiences with programming could help. If there’s anywhere I could go to read about that (like a blog post) please do let me know. 🙂

  4. SEPTiMUS Says:

    Just my two pence, but I’ve found the best way to learn and enjoy programming is to tackle it in bite-size chunks. All my satisfaction comes from writing (relatively) clever little routines and then seeing them work. If you do it bit at a time like this, the whole process becomes a joy 🙂

    This is one of the big strengths and bonuses of object oriented programming really; you can concentrate on making the individual components work nicely, then slot them all together.

  5. happymonster Says:

    We all suffer from motivation issues!

    I used to have a series of articles on game creation where I explained how I work. Basically, I’ve found it best to focus on seeing results on the screen as soon as possible.. even if this means you will rewrite code in the future.

    For example, for chaos you will need some basic ideas of how the data should be stored, but if you go into too much detail then (unless you are the kind of programmer who loves that detailed planning) you will lose interest.

    So, write a routine to draw the blank board enclosed by the world border. Now you have instant results! Now write some code to draw some wizards and creatures randomly on the board. More motivation, so now think about how to make those wizards and creatures pieces on the board rather than just graphics, then make it so you can move a creature around with the arrow keys or the mouse. Perhaps switching between selected creatures by clicking on another creature..

    Speaking of the mouse, add a mouse cursor and perhaps some stats shown when over a creature. Now it’s starting to look like a game already!

    That’s how I work anyway.. 🙂

  6. OICW Says:

    As Richard mentioned them, first two chapters can be found here:

    Sadly enough they’re not all. Is there any place one can find them Richard?

  7. happymonster Says:

    Not as yet. They are also very outdated now, sadly.

  8. Duncan Timiney Says:

    Hi happymonster, I’m glad to see you’re still working on Chaos Groove. As I’ve also returned to working on my own remake, I have decided to start a “Chaos Remakes Wiki” at wikia:

    I inivite all interested parties to contribute!

  9. Ghostwoods Says:

    Hey Richard,

    I just wanted to say thank you for Chaos Groove. I’m playing it to the exclusion of any other chaos-type, including the original 🙂

    If you do another update some time, I’d be delirious to have the option to have music playing during the games as well as on the loader screens! Either way, thank you for providing so much fun!

    All the best,

  10. scheeba Says:

    Just got my hands on this, what a tremendous remake, top work there! I might try my hand at some new unit graphics just for fun, I’ll post ’em here if I ever get them finished of course.

  11. Adam J Says:

    For anyone interested in working on Chaos Groove, I’ve written some steps on what you need to compile it:

  12. Kreezer Says:

    Chaos Funk was mentioned in an Julian Gollop interview in this months Retrogamer #81.

  13. Toby Morris Says:

    There is a new Chaos remake with online multiplayer support!

  14. Adam Jimenez Says:

    Chaos Groove is now on Github if you want to start hacking on this great remake!

  15. adamjimenez Says:

    I’m working on porting Chaos Groove to HTML5. If there are any keen JavaScripters that would like to help out – let me know.

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