Sound & Polish

I’ve nearly got the sound code all in there and working properly. It uses a text file so you can add new sounds in a quite flexible way. I don’t think many people realised that the sound system used in Chaos Funk was very flexible because I only included a few homemade sounds. But it had the capacity to handle multiple sounds for many different events..

Chaos Groove will have the same support.  🙂

I’m also working at adding more polish to the menus and making things more funky / groovy all round. I’ll try to fix a few bugs along the way, but I’m going to wait until the polish and a title screen are added before doing the next release. It’s difficult to release a new version with those parts only half-finished, but nearly all the important game related bits are done now in the current demo.

Don’t think this means I’m stopping or slowing down development, but I’ll be working on more to show you than can be done in one or two weeks. 😀

Another version of Chaos & Rogue

Just stumbled across this interesting site: 

Which describes the early development of a Chaos / Rogue hybrid. It looks interesting so I thought I’d mention it here.. 🙂

Nasty bugs

The last demo release included a nasty bug in there which when playing with a manoeuvre check at the start of a turn meant flying creatures could not be moved. After being brought to my attention, I fixed it quickly and released only to find the fix caused AI computer player lockups and incomplete land based movement.

After looking at the original code and the fix I saw the silly mistake I made, and have now fixed the original bug in a new (and better) way. I’ve tested this and so far I can move the flying creatures ok, and I see no more AI lockups after testing through many full AI games (on a fast speed).

In fixing this, I also found a rare AI bug with the new engaged ‘rule’ which meant that occasionally a creature could attack another, fail to kill it, but still be engaged. This confused the AI totally as it knew it had moved and attacked, so kept trying to do something.. I also added another check for the Escape key in this movement loop just in case this happens again. But, so far I can’t find another AI lockup after testing the new fixes.

Next time I should test properly rather than trying to be helpful and fix too quickly. 🙂

The bug fixed version is available from the normal download link…

Chaos Groove Demo no. 6

The latest version is now available to download! Finally you can cast illusions and disbelieve.. 🙂

The AI may still need some tweaking as to how often it casts illusions and disbelieve, but it seems to work alright at the moment.

This new demo also fixes a bug with creatures ‘raised from the dead’ sometimes not being able to move in the following movement phase. It also adds a World Balance text to show how chaotic or lawful the world is (although there is not really anywhere ideal to display it). The game also now tries to give cpu time back to the OS which makes it friendlier with other programs running as well as when running on laptops..

Oh, and I fixed a few extra spaces in some of the wizard names and tweaked a few things.

I’m going to work on the sound system next. 🙂

Illusions (Part 2)

I now seem to have got the AI players to use Disbelieve and cast creatures as illusions themselves. I had to rewrite some of the AI select spell code to look at more risky spells (as illusions) than they would normally consider. I also made the computer not try to disbelieve creatures that were raised from the dead. However, I still need to playtest the AI & illusion code to make sure this is not unbalanced..

I fixed a bug with raise from the dead not setting the Undead flag.

I also fixed a bug where a creature like a horse could only move one square around a patch of magic fire or gooey blob because it thought it would get engaged.

Based on past experience, these bug fixes may have broken something else, so keep an eye out for any new errors in the next release! 😉

I added a better (and thicker) green and red outline around bonus spells and spells with no space to cast respectively.

If all goes well I will have a new release for you tomorrow.. 🙂

Illusions (Part 1)

I have now implemented the ability to cast Illusions and the usage of a permanant disbelieve spell for human players. I still need to add AI support for casting disbelieve and illusions.

After some thought I have decided on the current method for selecting illusions. If in the future I have enough time I will include other user interface options..

When Illusions are on as a game option, you will find that moving over a creature spell will now show the words in the panel at the bottom: “cast as illusion” if over the top-half of the spell icon, or “cast as real” if over the bottom-half. Although a bit unintuitive to people new to Chaos this does help eliminate cheating as if other people are not looking at the screen then they have no clues as to what spell is cast.

I’ve played many games of Chaos Funk with friends and I know that if I put in the same pop-up box (yes, cancel, no) option then the friends who are looking away from the screen would be given a clue by the 2 mouse clicks as to the fact a player is casting a creature spell. Unlike in Funk there is virtually no need to press a mouse button prior to clicking on a spell icon. So 2 mouse clicks would be a give away compared to the normal 1 click.. Using the left and right mouse buttons seems an obvious answer, but on some mice these make a different clicking sound, again making the fact the player wants to cast an illusion painfully obvious. Anything that the player has to do extra for a creature spell (pressing a key, extra mouse clicks, etc..) is too much of a clue to sneaky friends!

At the weekend I will try to find time to add AI use of illusions and disbelieve. But, no promises! 🙂

Chaos Groove Demo no. 5


A new release now I’m slowly getting used to being back in full-time employment. This release fixes some (but not all) of the bugs reported previously and adds a few new features including min/max magic resistance, some magic attack options on a wizard and some Undead options. They seem to work ok, but I’ve not had chance to fully test how the AI uses these options in a game. It might not work that well yet.. so be aware about that.

I’m going to work at adding Illusions next, which will be more complicated but will be good to see in there.