Chaos Groove V0.9

Finally an update!


Well, things didn’t go to plan as I was hoping to do a release in early January. Unfortunately real life and lack of motivation got in the way..

I’m afraid it’s doubtful if I will do another release except for one that includes the source code. I would love to do more work on this, fixing bugs, adding features and new spells. But I just have no motivation anymore, it’s nearly a year since I started this and I want to move onto new things now.

This latest version has quite a few new things though:

Bug fixes
Default ‘use desktop resolution’ mode in the display.ini text file
8 Different pieces of music
A lot of cool new comedy samples
Faster spell casting ‘missile’ effect
Victory screen/effect
Choice of Chaos Funk & Chaos Groove Spell pack
Many new creatures and spells in the Chaos Groove spell pack

Things to be aware of: Some of the spell chances might be a bit unbalanced, but they can be altered by you if you wish. The AI does not currently use the new non-creature spells intelligently..

The new creature gfx were contributed a long time ago by a guy with the nickname of Septimus. He sent me these great gfx, but they we both lost motivation and I never heard from him again. I haven’t smoothed out the new gfx or done proper spell icons. I’ve just got this release out for you all rather than spend even longer trying to make it more polished.

There is possibly some new problems with this release, but hopefully there won’t be too many bugs.

I will release the source soon, which although messy does let people develop it further if they wish.. 

14 Responses to “Chaos Groove V0.9”

  1. Adam Says:

    Right in time for easter.

    If this is to be the penultimate release, I’d like to say a big thanks for all the hard work.

    Chaos has always been a gem of a game somewhat forgotten in a bygone era.

    Many attempted remakes have come and gone – either not progressing out of alpha or taking the game in a different direction – or by just being a load of rubbish

    Chaos Groove has changed all that. Finally we have a game faithful to the original yet with all the things we expect of a modern game.

    In my eyes Chaos Groove has become the definitive version of Chaos.

    Thanks for committing to opening up the source. Hopefully a new chapter will begin from such a good foundation.

    Long live Chaos!

  2. OICW Says:

    It’s sad to hear that you lost motivation in the process (but anyway you made it farer than I’ve ever did with my projects). Good news are that it’s 0.9 and shouldn’t be that hard to get to 1.0 when you release sources.

    Anyway great job, I only wish you could make it gold.

  3. happymonster Says:


    After working on it for nearly a year on and off, it’s time to do something else. It’s already feature complete to the original while offering more things and a better interface.

  4. Mike Says:

    Sweet! Thanks for all your hard work on this. I can understand how hard it can be to stay focused on a project you are totally doing in your spare time and for no money. But you have the respect of the people that download and enjoy this game, and hopefully someone will be inspired by your work and carry the torch a bit further. I wish I had the patience and fortitude to learn programming, but I can’t afford school right now and I tried learning it on my own to no avail.

    Anyway, I congratulate you on what I would call a success with this game, and wish you success in whatever project you take on next!

  5. happymonster Says:

    Cheers. 🙂

  6. Rui Martins Says:

    Hi Richard, remember me ?

    Maybe I can help!
    I’m just finishing my entry for the Android contest.

    Maybe this time, we can make it work, including the web play, we discussed in the past.

    You did Chaos Funk 1.0, but never released the source, which made it impossible to fix those little pesky bugs that it still has.
    Then you started Chaos Groove, a now that’s almost done, … we can’t let that happen 🙂

    Mail me back, maybe we can work something out.

    The ReflectedGames website is acting weird, and doesn’t show the download page for ChaosFunk (Free menu), you might want to have a look at it.

  7. happymonster Says:

    Hi Rui,

    Yes of course I remember you!

    I will release the source in the next few weeks I think. Maybe you can fix a few things and add netplay. 🙂

    I no longer run Reflected Games, so that is not my website, but a squatter. Not much I can do about that!


  8. GrantTLC Says:

    Good News (an update!) and Bad (possibly the last!) – but I guess overall I’m happy. Not only has Chaos been updated for another generation of users to find and love, but it now looks, sounds, and plays like an absolute dream. Adam got it totally right – this IS now the definitive version of Chaos.

    I’m looking forward to trying all the new spells and monsters out over the coming months, years, decades…so I guess if this is the last proper update then there’s nothing left but to offer my sincerest thanks and admiration for all your hard work, and to wish you best of luck in your next endeavours, whatever they may be. 🙂

  9. happymonster Says:


    Hope people develop it further. If not, I’m glad people like it.

  10. Teknikal Says:

    I remembered chaos back in the days of the spectrum loved playing it with mates at the time, totally forgot about it till now when random browsing reminded me of old spectrum games. I downloaded this not expecting much as it said it was unfinished and I’ve just played a few games.

    What you did was awesome it totally brought it back and the options you added were genius I cant say I liked the choice of sounds that much but I can replace those I think.

    All in all I’ve yet to see a flaw in the gameplay It’s really nice
    and still as playable as it ever was sad to see it wont be developed further but I’m glad you got as far as you did with it.

    All the best

  11. PureChaos Says:

    I just wanna say that these updates are great and im a huge fan of this remake.

    The only thing that i would suggest for future updates would be a team mode. Where you can have 2 teams or more i.e 2v2 3v3 2v2v2 etc.

    Anything else would be spoling us 🙂 but i love this game no matter what is updated in the near future

  12. kishen Says:

    i love the game

  13. Chris Says:

    Ive always been a supporter of this game! If you do work on it some more, I say keep up the good work, if not, then thanks for giving us the best remake ever

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