As promised.. here is the source code:

You might have to fiddle with things to get it to work, please have a look at the readme file first.

I have it proves useful for people. I have no motivation left for working on this anymore, so you are on your own with this. Sorry!


13 Responses to “Source”

  1. OICW Says:

    It is really a pitty that you’ve lost motivation for such a promising project. Anyway good to see that you relelase the source code, so it doesn’t fall back into history. The work you’ve done on this is awesome and I, and others as well I think, am gratefull for that.

  2. Doctor Jest Says:

    I agree, it’s a real shame, but I know how it can be with projects like this sometimes. I hope you find (or have found) another project of some kind that’ll give you more enthusiasm.

  3. Adam Says:

    Thanks Rich!

    I’m not a c++ programmer but will try to take this forward a bit. I’ll start by trying to hack out the bugs that I’ve found. From what I’ve seen it looks like the code is very tidy and well commented.

    I will post updates to:
    If anyone wants to help please contact:

  4. AlhpaPair Says:

    Looks like the source opens up nicely into my Visual Studio package, so I’ll probably have a dig through it; no idea if I’ll actually change anything or not, though. I don’t use C++ much either but I’m familiar with it, and have used it before, so maybe there’ll be something I can play with.

  5. AlphaPair Says:

    Weird – it auto-filled my name wrong. Must’ve typed it wrongly recently, I guess…

  6. happymonster Says:

    It’s pretty much C with some C++ bits. I don’t do Object-Orientated programming..

  7. Adam Says:

    I managed to get it compiling in VC++ 2008. I’m posting updates on my forum.

  8. Kreezer Says:


  9. mish Says:

    Just wondering – is this published under a particular license? An open source license? Code in the public domain (ie free for anyone to do as they wish with)?

  10. happymonster Says:

    You can do what you want with the source, but I would appreciate a mention if you can use any of the code for your own games. 🙂

  11. andor Says:

    cannot download the source any more 😦

  12. andor Says:

    cheers 🙂

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