ChaosGroove v0.71

I still haven’t had time to do any work on Chaos Groove. Real world issues are completely dominating my time and attention at the moment. However I have updated the zip to include the latest version v0.71 which includes the bug fixes I listed in the previous blog entry. Please leave a comment if there are any problems.

I’m not sure when I’ll have time to work properly on Chaos Groove. I hope it won’t be too long..

32 Responses to “ChaosGroove v0.71”

  1. Zoltan Styetak Says:

    Dear Richard,

    well, you did it again! 🙂 Congratulations! Thank you!!!


  2. Mike Says:

    Looking awesome! Just played a game that I thought I would lose for sure, since there where two enemy gold dragons on the field on the second or third turn, and they were both real! But somehow I managed to win. 🙂

  3. Thorsfew Says:

    Well you have just made a old man happy.
    Not only do I remember purchasing this title on the rerealse lable, firefox(?) for a price of £1.99, for the spectrum 128k+2, but the many hours playing it. Even though p.c’s have progressed I still find myself spending many an hour searching the net and playing chaos on a spectrum emulator.

    Now comes the point of admiration. Your sight is not only still ongoing, but it is uptodate, AND yours is at the formost of “remakes”. You have continued to capture the essence of the orginal, and somehow at the same time made some weird and wonderfull ammendments which I can truley say have complimented the game. The graphics and options have truly added a varity of possabilities. The language used allows easy changes to wizards names and other adjustments that can be made to suit the indivuals preferences.
    What ever you do in the real busy life of a human, please don’t stop the work with “ChaosGroove” and its many trips to memory lane.
    (fancey revamping lazersquad before the age of time catches up with us all)?
    Julian Gallop would surly be impressed if not proud off your works to immortify the game CHAOS.

  4. Thorsfew Says:

    Possible bug, that may require further investigation.
    The “mutation” spell that changes one creatures type to that of another random creature, may not yet be implemented as you desired.
    The effect seems to constantley fail
    1st attempt against one of my own creatures with 80% chance of success failed
    2nd attempt in new game at 90% failed
    3rd ttempt in same game as 2nd attempt also failed at 90% success chance.
    Please note that 2nd and 3rd attempts were also against my own creature. ( Both attempts were on a wirewolf (magic resistance 7))
    I will make further observations if required.
    Note on small map size (spectrum) that ceratin spells “white” out the entire screen.
    note2, Up on installing on a vista desktop, this demo works surprisingly well.
    note2a, upon installing on winxp (laptop) problems with screen resolution were found, and making it impossible to see any spell/opponent creature details, success rate, etc…) Any person having simular issues should modify the log.ini file to match their current desktop/laptop resolution.

    Appologies in advance if you or others are aware of said points/or have already passed comments on these tiny issues that do not detract from the game and its imense game play. This “demo” is actualy a lot more closer to a finished unbugged piece of software than the original release.
    I thankyou yet again for tieing me to my computer and returning to a very memorable childhood. Hope my family understand my dimise from adulthood.

  5. Thorsfew Says:

    Due to what you haven given us, the public, I feel it is only fair I devote some time to your “goal(s)”
    I will happly give soem of my free time to beta testing/bug hunting your software(s). Yes I am very aware of the repetative bordem that ensues, and even on occasion turns one against the game they would normaly enjoy.
    I think you are starting to understand my true happyness at “chaos”, its remake, and the updated benifical mouse (modern) interface. 🙂

  6. Thorsfew Says:

    Update on mutation.
    Have succesfully mutated my own “orc” (magic resistance) at 80% success chance of spell succeding. Appologies for the doubt in you sir. :-O

  7. happymonster Says:

    Thank you for your enthusiastic comments!

    It’s much harder working on the game when you are working full time and have other interests and hobbies as well. But I do intend to do some more work on Chaos Groove at some point.

    For now, I’m glad you are enjoying the game. 🙂

  8. Mike Says:

    At least we know you are still alive. 😛

  9. Thorsfew Says:

    Hello Good sir, Just a quick question on Subversion.
    Does it work on ‘Illusions’ at present?

  10. happymonster Says:

    Yes, I think so.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Thankyou for your reply.
    Is there any part of the game play that needs checking?
    Anything I can be of use for, apart from making more tea and emptying your virtual bin from all those biscuit wrappers and old notes.:P

  12. happymonster Says:

    Besides the programming, here are some things that would help:

    Sound: Chaos Groove features the original sound samples from the Atari ST remake by Martin Brownlow. But because of the limitations of the time, these are rather poor quality. I’ve updated a few of them by capturing samples from the Red Dwarf episodes used, but most of them could do with being resampled at a better quality. Also, more sound samples from the same sources, and from new sources would be good.

    Music: Groove uses a mod file for the title music, and I would like to have a collection of cool mods for use as a title screen song and also some for ingame music too.

    Gfx: The gfx are quite flat and simple and although these keep faithful to the original gfx, I would like to have some more detailed and better gfx sets. I am not a good artist and have been unable to find a proper artist who can do new animated gfx. If yourself or other artist friends can help that would be good.

    Website: This is probably the best thing you can do. Chaos has been brought and created by Adam Jimenez and at the moment consists solely of a bug tracker. I originally thought of something that featured information and screenshots about the game as well as prospective ideas and a fully functioning and moderated forum.

    Hopefully I will recover some time and motivation to work more on Chaos Groove soon, but I still have a lot of real life things going on here at the moment. Thanks for the support though!!

  13. Adam Jimenez Says:

    I’m still alive too!

    Most of my ideas for a website revolved around the as-yet unimplemented network play mode.

    i’m also more of a programmer than designer – also with outside commitments.

    i can be contacted on: adam at bantha dot co dot uk

  14. Thorsfew Says:

    Ok will look at attempting to adapting Ghraphics.
    Willtryo a couple of samples (trying to keep them faithfull to the orginal) I’m no artist either, but looking at some of the good spell effects makes me wonder if the ghraphics need to be top notch/basic/or even like holigrams?

    Sounds from AtariST version, spectrum (updated),monty python, various other film and series (Yes Red dwarf has some classics) (“I can extract my own head from the waste disposal unti”)..maybe if suitable sounds located/invented no risk of copy right?
    You mention chaosGroove…brought..paid for?…you mean just a hosting site, not your work that you have completed I hope. sorry if I miss read your intensions.

    Adam has or is in process of creating the web site and wishes to add a “network” play option. This would be great news for a active following. Looking at this post and its intrest on a daily bases shows imense possiblities for a ever growing demand and user/login system that should should increase upon “word of mouth” and links from other sites. A fully function website with forum access, online games and possible league setups would hopefully create further intrest to those “just passing”.

    I will be honest my keyboard/computer skills are VERY basic, but my enthusim is imense!

  15. Thorsfew Says:

    ok have had limited success in a “freewebsite”. If it is worth pursing, will look at funding it.

  16. Thorsfew Says:

    Ooops sorry (insert evil laugh here)
    In my haste, forgot to add link…………………—->

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Looking at regstering as a domain name?
    Cost will be arond £12 a year?
    Am in process of speaking with a friend who makkes and runs websites for businesses…thier site is—>
    Hope fully will egt soem advice and help/supoport on making it “proffesional”
    Example of thier work—>
    I think is a home page setup..(Imagine ChaosGroove picture) and page links?

  18. Thorsfew Says:

    What is your stance on making ChaosGroove a domain? @ a cost of around £12 a year I believe (will check)
    I am at preent getting advice and hopefully help from a web admin friend who produces proffesional buisness websites.
    Here is their link—>
    ..and here is an example of their work—>
    (I think this would be a good home page setup….Imagine the chaos main picture and page links?)

  19. Thorsfew Says:

    Maybe I shouldnt be posting in this section?
    Screenshots of possible webpage colours?

  20. happymonster Says:

    I think you misunderstood my comment. Adam has ALREADY brought the domain name I suggest you talk to him about the content of the website as it is rarely completely seperate from me.

    I prefer it that way, as I won’t and don’t have time to maintain and moderate a webpage as well as develop the game. 🙂

  21. Thorsfew Says:

    Oopps, thxs for clarifying my misunderstanding.
    Next thing is, Has chaosGroove already got a dedicated website?….if so could you please (or adam) post the link here. If a website is up and running, then I do not need to proceed with this “practice” site.
    At present I have a third party looking into the ghraphic possibilities of the pieces for ChoasGroove. Hopefully will here something in next couple of days or so. Cant rush the “decission” as its free time they are devoting.
    Adam sir, if you read this please advise me on what is and what is not current with a/the website. if you have one up and running then I/we need not push “free practise runs”

  22. happymonster Says:

    Check out:

    But at the moment this is just a bug-tracker really..

  23. Adam Says:

    just posted about 8 paragraphs but can’t see them – maybe its awaiting approval?

  24. Thorsfew Says:

    Thankyou for that link.
    Wow, that is one detailed bug tracker, that I never knew exsisted. With a website running links can be added to where you want.
    Adam, have you thought of encorporating a “home page” ect…or having a seperate “website” for completed game with reference links to here, there, and all other links of intrest?
    I too noticed my posts awaiting moderate check, hence the post of simular nature above with friends business website.

  25. Thorsfew Says:

    Yes nice ideas to implement there. I cannot post in forums?…so will continue here, unless you have an alternative site/blog/message board?
    Maybe I should not clog up this area., and only post here progress reports?
    Post me a link here for our future talks and ideas good sir (Adam)

  26. Thorsfew Says:

    Or if you wish can utilse free sight for “trying” out things?, and our chats.

  27. Adam Says:

    updated forum permissions – should work now

  28. happymonster Says:

    Adam, I have no posts awaiting moderation here..

    Sounds like you two should chat and see what you want to do.. 😉

  29. Adam Says:

    happymonster – what did u make of my post (as linked to above)?

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