New Spell ideas needed

As we approach v1.0 I am going to start adding some new spells for the new Chaos Groove Spell pack (the current ones only will still be playable in the Chaos Funk pack).

So, I am looking for some good spell ideas to possibly implement. Sadly the old suggestions on have long since disappeared. Anyway, please feel free to post suggestions here and I’ll see if there are some I like that are implementable..



Chaos Groove V0.75

My God! It’s full of spells.. 😮


This new version adds a spell option menu where you can play with some cool new options including having upto 80 spells and receiving bonus spells for killing other wizards. Although this spell option menu isn’t yet complete, I thought people would enjoy the new game possibilities. 🙂

I also fixed an error with the last two wizard colours (orange and purple) and a bug where the death wizard animation sprites weren’t freed from memory after going off the edge of the screen.


ChaosGroove v0.71

I still haven’t had time to do any work on Chaos Groove. Real world issues are completely dominating my time and attention at the moment. However I have updated the zip to include the latest version v0.71 which includes the bug fixes I listed in the previous blog entry. Please leave a comment if there are any problems.

I’m not sure when I’ll have time to work properly on Chaos Groove. I hope it won’t be too long..

Fixing a few bugs

I’ve fixed a few bugs so far today and these will be in the next release.


  • I noticed that on a friend’s PC the magic missile fire effect didn’t show correctly. I think I’ve fixed that.
  • Fixed the raise dead creature wants to shoot (even if it can’t normally shoot).
  • Stopped Shadow Wood Trees from thinking they can be selected to attack magic fires.
  • Fixed slight gfx error on fonts when shown shrunk or enlarged with faint lines.
  • Made magic attack sound effect last 4 times (as in the ST version) instead of only once.
  • Corrected typo spellings of vengeance in sound.ini which caused wrong sounds to be used.
  • Stopped 100% creatures being cast as illusions, and stopped them being disbelieved.

There are a few other bugs that’s been reported that I can’t as yet reproduce..

ChaosGroove v0.7

I’ve just uploaded the latest v0.7 version which includes many sound effects as well as much more polish. It now looks more groovy and is funny to play.

This version contains sound samples which feature swearing. Be warned!

No screenshots! It’s a surprise for when you play the latest version.. 😉

And here’s the new download link:

Enjoy!! 😀


I’ve made good progress on polishing up the game and fixing a few bugs. I’ve been really busy these last few weeks though, with only having a lot of free time at the weekends. Still.. I’m on track to have a new demo in a few weeks time, (depending on how busy I am), so that will be a good milestone to get towards a first v1.0 release.


Sound & Polish

I’ve nearly got the sound code all in there and working properly. It uses a text file so you can add new sounds in a quite flexible way. I don’t think many people realised that the sound system used in Chaos Funk was very flexible because I only included a few homemade sounds. But it had the capacity to handle multiple sounds for many different events..

Chaos Groove will have the same support.  🙂

I’m also working at adding more polish to the menus and making things more funky / groovy all round. I’ll try to fix a few bugs along the way, but I’m going to wait until the polish and a title screen are added before doing the next release. It’s difficult to release a new version with those parts only half-finished, but nearly all the important game related bits are done now in the current demo.

Don’t think this means I’m stopping or slowing down development, but I’ll be working on more to show you than can be done in one or two weeks. 😀