Chaos Groove V0.75

My God! It’s full of spells.. 😮


This new version adds a spell option menu where you can play with some cool new options including having upto 80 spells and receiving bonus spells for killing other wizards. Although this spell option menu isn’t yet complete, I thought people would enjoy the new game possibilities. 🙂

I also fixed an error with the last two wizard colours (orange and purple) and a bug where the death wizard animation sprites weren’t freed from memory after going off the edge of the screen.


16 Responses to “Chaos Groove V0.75”

  1. GrantTLC Says:

    Ah, but can they do Expeliamus?

    I am genuinely frightened by what you’ve done here. This looks…insane. But i think it is finally time for my wizard to take his rightful place as Dragon Overlord.

    You should update Wizardy speed, attack and defense values as well. Call this game mode something well hard like….”Ultimate Chaos”.

    “Your wizard is GODLIKE!”
    “M-M-M-M-MonsterKill kill kill kill…..!”

  2. OICW Says:

    I am really looking forward to release of the full version. Downloading now, looks like I’ll have something to do on boring lectures 🙂

  3. Prospero Says:

    Ahh, why did I have to find this update at the END of weekend rather than the start? Bah!

    Anyhow, looks deliciously manic – I’ll be sure to give this a twirl tomorrow 🙂

  4. Alpha Pair Says:

    Well, this is nice to return to! I’ve been having the crappiest week in recent memory, and after getting back home finally, it’s great to see an update to Chaos Groove waiting for me. 🙂 Gives me something to look forward to trying in the morning – I’m far too knackered to try it right now. I’ll give it a look tomorrow, but even if it goes wrong and crashes my computer, hooray for the update anyway!

  5. happymonster Says:


    I must admit I’ve found it very hard to be motivated to do any work lately. Lots of things going on, and I do have ideas for other projects I would like to do. It’s amazing how when you know it’s playable and has the ‘original’ game’s features, you seem to feel like you don’t need to do any more work!

    I’ll still keep plodding away, but it might take a while to get to v1.0..

    Anyone else had any success with the website, gfx, music or sound? 😉

  6. Alpha Pair Says:

    Grand! I had a chance to play it finally, and it’s been great to have some of these new options built into the game. And the swirly background wasn’t there last time I downloaded a copy either – it’s niiiice…

    Incidentally, I’m running this on a 1440 x 900 widescreen monitor now, and with the settings fixed to that, it works perfectly; just adds two vertical black letterbox bars, like watching a full-screen movie on a widescreen TV. It’s grand.

  7. zevans Says:

    Although it isn’t entirely relevant to this update, I’ve found something that might interest Chaos fans.

    I’ve recently been playing “Cyber Battles”, which is basically Chaos in a space environment. Internet multiplay for the win.

  8. Alpha Pair Says:

    Came across one odd bug, or seems to be a bug – twice in my last game, when I got a new spell because of the Magic Wood (the trees were neutral, in case it matters) I was able to use the spell twice. In both cases, I cast the spell the turn after I got it – the first was Shadow Form, the second Harpy. The Harpy spell I cast successfully twice, and then it disappeared – Shadow Form I only cast once, but the spell remained in my list. I checked the game settings afterward, and I didn’t have it set to give me a new spell every X turns or any such, and I didn’t kill any wizards or trigger anything else that’d have given me another spell (I figured at first it might just be random dumb luck that I got the same spell back I’d just used, but doesn’t look like it…)

  9. Alpha Pair Says:

    Another bug that keeps coming up for me – sometimes, in a turn, my creatures or wizard won’t be able to move, even though there’s nothing there that prevents them from doing so. That usually happens when there’s been an enemy creature beside them at the start of the turn that was killed, but it’s happened once or twice where they were only beside creatures that were mine. I’ve never seen it happen when the creature or wizard was completely isolated.

  10. happymonster Says:

    That ‘spell cast twice’ thing sounds strange, I’ve never seen that..

    The engaged bug is something I didn’t think about, but makes sense to me now (I always play without the engaged option). I’ll try to fix that for the next release.


  11. Alpha Pair Says:

    Yeah, that twice-cast spell thing was an oddity. I’ve never seen it before or since, and in fairness it didn’t really bother me much – it was quite handy to keep hold of those spells for a second cast!

  12. Fabien Says:

    Well… I have played Chaos groove for the first time. (I had played a bit Chaos Funk already). I really, definitely prefer the look and fell of Chaos Funk !

    First it is trying to print a screen which is too big for my screen (I can’t see the writing at the bottom). I also liked very much the terribly simple intro screen, while the one now is just the same as the one you would see in any game.
    The things on screen don’t seem to be as equilibrated… (where they are drawn), and the sound sample present now are terrible. I turn sound of straight away.
    I also find that the special effect don’t fit with the graphic style of the characters.

    So, well really, I feel that there is something badly unbalanced in the look and feel of Chaos Groove, while chaos funk looked like a little gem.

    Well, it is V0.75, and I see that a lot of good programming lies behind that. So I imagine that the final aesthetic polish will shortly be added.

  13. happymonster Says:


    You can alter the screensize requested so you can fit it onto your current monitor. Edit the display.ini file in the text_files directory..

    A simple intro screen, means you don’t have many different game options. I can’t see a way around this one! 🙂

    “The things on screen don’t seem to be as equilibrated… (where they are drawn),”
    What do you mean?

    “the sound sample present now are terrible. I turn sound of straight away.”
    They are mostly based on the Atari ST version, and some aren’t good quality, but they are fitting with that version of Chaos.

    “I also find that the special effect don’t fit with the graphic style of the characters.” Maybe. But Chaos Groove is an attempt to make a modern chaos game, rather than a simple remake as Chaos Funk is..

    They are two different approaches to making a version of Chaos.

  14. ekix Says:

    Perhaps I am blind, but I really can’t find the download link for this version?

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