Fixing a few bugs

I’ve fixed a few bugs so far today and these will be in the next release.


  • I noticed that on a friend’s PC the magic missile fire effect didn’t show correctly. I think I’ve fixed that.
  • Fixed the raise dead creature wants to shoot (even if it can’t normally shoot).
  • Stopped Shadow Wood Trees from thinking they can be selected to attack magic fires.
  • Fixed slight gfx error on fonts when shown shrunk or enlarged with faint lines.
  • Made magic attack sound effect last 4 times (as in the ST version) instead of only once.
  • Corrected typo spellings of vengeance in sound.ini which caused wrong sounds to be used.
  • Stopped 100% creatures being cast as illusions, and stopped them being disbelieved.

There are a few other bugs that’s been reported that I can’t as yet reproduce..

5 Responses to “Fixing a few bugs”

  1. Alpha Pair Says:

    Catches all the bugs I’d noticed so far – the undead-trying-to-fire one was the most annoying, so I’m glad that’s gone. 😀 I’ll look forward to the next release…

  2. happymonster Says:

    There are still some bugs we are aware of, hopefully a few more will be fixed soon. I’ve not had any time to work on the game this week yet though.

  3. Alpha Pair Says:

    It’s looking pretty nice so far though – I’m running it in 800×600 windowed mode without a single problem, and it doesn’t look bad at all. 😀 And none of the bugs are game-killers, even without this fix.

  4. happymonster Says:

    Glad to hear that. The new fixes will help, not had time to do any more work than that this week though.. Maybe tomorrow or monday (which is a holiday here).

  5. Alpha Pair Says:

    Hooray for bank holiday weekends! 😀

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