ChaosGroove v0.7

I’ve just uploaded the latest v0.7 version which includes many sound effects as well as much more polish. It now looks more groovy and is funny to play.

This version contains sound samples which feature swearing. Be warned!

No screenshots! It’s a surprise for when you play the latest version.. 😉

And here’s the new download link:

Enjoy!! 😀

21 Responses to “ChaosGroove v0.7”

  1. Ash Says:

    Wow! – I won’t spoil any surprises. But this is GROOVY. Glad I stopped by this evening.

  2. happymonster Says:

    Glad you like it! 😀

  3. Alpha Pair Says:

    The added polish is very nice… 🙂 And the sound effects remind me of Amiga PD games from the 90s for some reason…

  4. Adam Says:

    Perfect timing on this, I happen to be round my brother-in-laws and he’s now hooked!

    The sfx are funny and we’ve had some epic battles.

    There are still some bugs but no show-stoppers.

  5. Swabbleflange Says:

    The comedy samples in this version make it hugely entertaining, how about leaving them in as an option in future releases?

    Looking really nice now!

  6. happymonster Says:

    Glad people like it. Some classic games on the ST and Amiga were a big inspiration for Chaos Funk and Groove and that feeling is something that’s not really present in the PC world. But this could just be nostalgia! 😉

    I am leaving the comedy samples in there, and hope to add more and replace some with better quality versions when I have the time.

    I’m not sure when I will be working on Groove again for a while, I’m pretty busy at the moment. At least people have a fully playable (despite a few bugs) version to play now!

  7. Mike Says:

    Just out of curiosity, what bugs are stlll in?

  8. Kreezer Says:

    This version is great !

    I especially like the wizards death sequence.

  9. GrantTLC Says:


    This is now the best version of one of the best games EVER – and it’s not even finished! Took me a while to get around to trying this new version – but I frakking LOVE IT! 🙂 The old Atari ST sounds! And NEW sounds from the same sources! And new sources that are just as good! Aaaaaaah, too much!

    *head explodes*

  10. kis Says:

    i am adams brother in law and he farts alot

  11. Adam Says:

    I have to point out that he’s 11!.. and lost quite a few games ;o)

  12. happymonster Says:

    GrantTLC: Thank you. You’ve made my day! I was very happy to read both yours and the other new comments. It does make all the hard work worthwhile when other people enjoy my games and let me know. I make games both for myself and also for other people.. 🙂

    Are you going to post on your blog about this latest version then? 😉 😀

  13. Alpha Pair Says:

    It’s great to see such a good version of this game coming together. 😀 I remember seeing other people playing Chaos on old ZX Spectrum emulators in my old office, so there must be quite a few people out there still hankering after this sort of game.

  14. GrantTLC Says:

    Thank ME? Thank ME?? I think a Blog post is the very least I can do to thank YOU for all your hard work! 😉 this also gives me the perfect excuse to set up a facility for taking in-game screenshots.

    Seriously though, the game is amazing. I couldn’t stop grinning playing it. I’ll be playing your version for YEARS to come, possibly decades. I…I don’t know if I can continue…I’m overcome…!

    *weeps silent tears of joy*

  15. GrantTLC Says:

    PS: Nothing wrong with being a Farter. That’s your membership card for the Male Brotherhood, that is.

    Solidarity, Brother!

  16. kis Says:

    I’ve been playing this game at least 5 times a day with 8 wizards. It’s definitely in my top 5 games of all time. I’ve also made my own sfx and disabled certain spells. It’s great how customisable it is.

    Here are some bugs I’ve noticed:

    There are at least a coupe more that I am aware of but haven’t got screenshots of yet.

  17. Adam Says:

    Forgot to change the name that was me really!

  18. indie666 Says:

    hey just wanted to say thank you for all the effort this is a great version of chaos getting lots of play out of it

  19. happymonster Says:

    Thanks guys. There’s still some new options I want to add for a 1.0 release as well! 🙂

    Also, eagerly awaiting Grant’s Blog entry… 😉

  20. Green Eyed Monster Says:

    Version 0.7 rocks, loving every minute of it.

    However I have had 2 stalemates in 6 games today due to wizards walling themselves into a corner. I am sure that the original Chaos did not let you cast a wall on any of the squares at the edge of the screen, thus preventing wizards causing such a stalemate. Without any flying creatures you cannot do anything except [esc] out.

    I am loving the generators though, it adds a great random element to the game. Can these cast magic wood? I have not experienced one doing so yet but it would be kinda cool. Or even better how about a new generator, a tree of knowledge which randomly casts a single magic tree anywhere on the screen.

    I have a few other ideas which I would like to see. Where on your webby is the best place to post them?

    Cool game and keep up the good work 🙂

  21. Adam Says:

    You are right about walls in the o/g chaos.

    I’ve already raised this as an issue:

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