Nasty bugs

The last demo release included a nasty bug in there which when playing with a manoeuvre check at the start of a turn meant flying creatures could not be moved. After being brought to my attention, I fixed it quickly and released only to find the fix caused AI computer player lockups and incomplete land based movement.

After looking at the original code and the fix I saw the silly mistake I made, and have now fixed the original bug in a new (and better) way. I’ve tested this and so far I can move the flying creatures ok, and I see no more AI lockups after testing through many full AI games (on a fast speed).

In fixing this, I also found a rare AI bug with the new engaged ‘rule’ which meant that occasionally a creature could attack another, fail to kill it, but still be engaged. This confused the AI totally as it knew it had moved and attacked, so kept trying to do something.. I also added another check for the Escape key in this movement loop just in case this happens again. But, so far I can’t find another AI lockup after testing the new fixes.

Next time I should test properly rather than trying to be helpful and fix too quickly. 🙂

The bug fixed version is available from the normal download link…

10 Responses to “Nasty bugs”

  1. Mike Says:

    Awesome work! Thanks for fixing that stuff!

    Oh, and I love the customizability of the menu scripts. I made a cool variant of Chaos by restricting the playing field to 1 line. 😀 Some of the spells will have to be tweaked to make it work completely, but the first game I played of it was pretty fun.

  2. indie666 Says:

    having a great time playing newest demo my friends love it any thing that breathes new life into chaos is great was wondering if magic bow isnt supposed to work first go after casting and if shadow woods arent supposed to be able to attack gooey blobs are these changes or bugs

  3. happymonster Says:


    I am trying to make it semi-flexible so it’s easy to add some customisation and modding ability. 🙂


    I’m afraid the magic bow thing is a bug, but shadow wood should be able to attack gooey blobs in the original as well. Unless I read your comment wrong.. I’ll try to fix the magic bow bug when I get a chance. I’m glad you and your friends are enjoying the game though!

  4. Doctor Jest Says:

    I have the same issue – just checked, and my shadow wood trees can’t attack gooey blobs, though they can attack anything else.

  5. Doctor Jest Says:

    One other thing – after playing the game for a while, I suddenly couldn’t cast Disbelieve on targets I wanted. I’m not sure, but it’s possible that some or all of the creatures I tried to target had previously been covered by a Gooey Blob.

  6. GrantTLC Says:

    I didn’t do anything with Chaos Groove today that could help you at all, I just basically milled around holding people’s coats.

    Still, I’m here for ya, bud. 😉

  7. happymonster Says:

    I’ll have a look at the shadow wood trees – gooey blob issue.

    I’m not sure about the Disbelieve one.. I can’t see how uncovering a creature would make it not disbelievable. You know that creatures that have been disbelieved can’t be selected again? Is it possible you mixed up the creatures since they were covered?

    In other news, I’ve been working on adding sound effects to the game with some flexible sound text files. 🙂

  8. Doctor Jest Says:

    That’s possible, yes – I’ll try playing through again for a while and see if it comes up. If not, I’ll chalk it up to not having paid enough attention.

  9. happymonster Says:

    Please do.. sometimes I forget which are illusions and which are real in my own creatures! 😉

  10. Doctor Jest Says:

    Okay, I’m not getting this one anymore, so I think it must’ve just been me being daft. I did something where on one turn, the game thought my Hydra should be able to fire, though – I couldn’t actually select a target though. It didn’t happen again the next turn – the Hydra had been resurrected the same turn the game thought it should be able to shoot.

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