Illusions (Part 2)

I now seem to have got the AI players to use Disbelieve and cast creatures as illusions themselves. I had to rewrite some of the AI select spell code to look at more risky spells (as illusions) than they would normally consider. I also made the computer not try to disbelieve creatures that were raised from the dead. However, I still need to playtest the AI & illusion code to make sure this is not unbalanced..

I fixed a bug with raise from the dead not setting the Undead flag.

I also fixed a bug where a creature like a horse could only move one square around a patch of magic fire or gooey blob because it thought it would get engaged.

Based on past experience, these bug fixes may have broken something else, so keep an eye out for any new errors in the next release! 😉

I added a better (and thicker) green and red outline around bonus spells and spells with no space to cast respectively.

If all goes well I will have a new release for you tomorrow.. 🙂

3 Responses to “Illusions (Part 2)”

  1. Doctor Jest Says:

    If I raise one of my opponent’s dead creatures from the dead, will I get control of it now? Last time, I raised a dead giant and it went and killed me – a slight diversion from my own plan where it would walk a couple of steps and kill the other guy instead.

  2. Doctor Jest Says:

    Ehh, never mind. It’s not doing that anymore anyway, so I’m just being dense.

  3. happymonster Says:

    Well, in testing I tried it on one of my own creatures that had been killed, and then on another wizards creature and both times it now worked fine.. So fingers crossed!

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