Chaos Groove Demo no. 5


A new release now I’m slowly getting used to being back in full-time employment. This release fixes some (but not all) of the bugs reported previously and adds a few new features including min/max magic resistance, some magic attack options on a wizard and some Undead options. They seem to work ok, but I’ve not had chance to fully test how the AI uses these options in a game. It might not work that well yet.. so be aware about that.

I’m going to work at adding Illusions next, which will be more complicated but will be good to see in there. 


3 Responses to “Chaos Groove Demo no. 5”

  1. Ash Says:

    Great! – didn’t expect a release so soon.

    Best thing in this for me is the undead attack options.

    Nice to see things moving along.

  2. indie666 Says:

    to richard hey have been playing demo 4 me and my friends love it the bigger board size option is great games last longer and you have a chance to build a great army cant wait to play demo 5 which im downloading now thanks for all your work on this project keeping chaos alive

  3. Duncan Timiney Says:

    Chaos Groove continues to impress me! Options are good.

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