Chaos Groove Demo no. 4

A new demo is now available, featuring some pretty basic menus which can let you choose several different game settings, including different board sizes, added board features, different wizard stats and random wizard names.

I’m a bit tired to list everything in full, so have a play and explore some of the different options. Progress has been patchy lately because I’m getting ready to go back to full-time work. But I thought a new demo would be nice.. 🙂

Progress will continue to be slower than before I’m afraid, but will continue..

24 Responses to “Chaos Groove Demo no. 4”

  1. OICW Says:

    Well I think that this will keep us feeded for a while. 🙂 Thank you Richard.

  2. OICW Says:

    Just stumbled upon bug (or at least I think). I summoned Gryphon and mounted it, in the next move I casted successfully Magic Bow, but all of a sudden the Gryphon refused to move and I was left with either dismounting or ending turn. Next turn everything was ok, but the turn after I had the same problem.

    What does the “check manoeuvre” even does?

  3. happymonster Says:

    Strange, maybe somethings got cocked up..

    Check manoeuvre means that like the original game, you might not be able to move away from an enemy if you fail a manoeuvreablity check and can only attack.

  4. Ash Says:

    Like the new arena sizes – makes spells like gooey blob interesting as a larger board means they may not have the same impact on the game/may take longer to be a major threat.

    One odd thing I noticed (may be related to problem from OICW) – I had 2 generators in play and cast a shadow wood so 2 trees were next to the generator. For some reason, I was able to select these trees for movement (they had the green highlight). I couldn’t actually move the trees, so I had to ‘end move’ once I’d selected them. Strange, but obviously didn’t have any negative impact on the gameplay.

    Menu system is simple but very effective I think. I’ll have to have a good tinker with it.

  5. Adam Says:

    Had some epic matches already. The new options are great and make the game even fresher and more varied. Haven’t noticed any major bugs. Great to finally have an 8 wizard battle royal!

  6. Mike Says:

    Awesome! Alot of stuff to play with now! And I had the same gryphon bug as OICW.

    Also, I’d love to take a crack at a title screen for ya, unless you already had something in mind for one. 😀

  7. happymonster Says:

    Looks like I’ll have to look at the mounting code when I have some free time. Probably something simple I’ve overlooked when adding new features or bug fixes..

    Mike & Everyone else: Feel free to do sketch designs for title screens / logos. I’m not going to promise to use them, but as many rough designs as possible might lead to something that turns out to be excellent. 😉

  8. happymonster Says:

    I’ve had a play and I can’t reproduce the cast gryphon, mount, cast magic bow, can’t move issue. Where there any other enemies around the gryphon?

  9. Adam Says:

    I had a similar thing where i had a magic bow got on a gryphon and on the next go I was never given an opportunity to shoot even tho an enemy was in range.

  10. Mike Says:

    When it happened to me, there were two trees on either side, but they were mine. Also, it happened to another flying creature as well, so maybe you should look in that direction. I don’t remember if I was mounted the second time or not.

  11. Mike Says:

    Yeah, there is definitely a problem with flying creatures not being able to move. Also, I’m pretty sure I “successfully” cast Subversion on an enemy creature, but it stayed on the enemies side. Does the “spell successful” message mean that it just cast the spell, but it might not have gone through their resistance, or is that supposed to mean that it worked overall?

  12. OICW Says:

    I don’t remember if there were any enemies, but I don’t think there were any. It also showed shooting range highlight. Seems like it skipped the whole movement phase and jumped into ranged combat with no targets.

  13. Kreezer Says:

    You should try playing with 4 Wizards on a 2 x 2 board or 8 Wizards on a 3 x 3 board!

    By the way, apart from upsetting the computer wizards what do the Generators do?

  14. Adam Says:

    they generate independent creatures. think gauntlet..

  15. Mike Says:

    Yep, a green dragon popped out of one on the first turn in one of my games. Fun ensued. 😀

  16. Adam Says:

    i can recreate a dismount bug:

    if u mount a creature and then cast magic wings you can’t then dismount it.

  17. WizeNick Says:

    No updates in over a week. Looks like we are going to be disappointed again, just like we were in teh days. 😦

  18. happymonster Says:

    No, I’m still here. But I’m concentrating on getting back into full-time work after more than a year being self-employed. As such I’m focusing entirely on that at the moment. When I’m back into full-time work and settled then I will also get back into Chaos Groove. That is why I tried to get so much done before this point arrived.
    My real life has to take priority at the moment. As I tried to explain earlier..

  19. Adam Says:

    If only I could disbelieve that annoying troll!

    A week without an update; heaven forbid. What’s been achieved so far is fantastic.. If it had been 6 months I would take your point but a week! There is more to life than just chaos y’know.

    If you wanted to see the project progress, you could try to update the sprites or create a logo, not just whine.

  20. Nick Stevens Says:

    Yeah, it’s been stated throughout the process that he had real-life commitments and that progress would slow. If you want to see this get finished, then support happymonster, don’t flip out.

  21. Oddbob Says:

    …or set fire to his shoulders…

    No wait, don’t do that one. Keep up the top work, Rich and good luck with the job 🙂

  22. Zagrebo Says:

    I tried the demo and the display disappears off the edge of my monitor (along with the mouse pointer). I assume this isn’t happening with everyone.

    Also (and this is a major sore point for me with “Chaos Funk” as well) we still can’t choose our *own* names for the wizards. This is a huge overlook and I can’t believe it’s still there.

    Apart from that, this looks like it could be a worthy update of “Chaos”.

  23. happymonster Says:

    What is your desktop resolution?
    You can edit the display.ini file in the Text_Files folder to change the resolution.

    As for the names.. (Deep breath).. It’s because this is not finished! At no point did I say you wouldn’t be able to change the names..

  24. Zagrebo Says:

    I found out about the display.ini thing earlier today by looking at some more of the posts and so sorted that problem. It’s looking pretty good, with the spell effects and new options being a particular highlight. The wizards’ deaths are a bit of a damp squib but I assume that’s going to be changed in the finished version.

    Nice to see some of the things that were left-out the original being incorporated. Does this mean the giants are back?

    I’m pleased to hear that we should be able to change the names in the finished version. I was just a bit concerned that we might not be able to a la “Chaos Funk”.

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