I’ve been working on adding in simple menus in the game via the config files. To help with this the menus are now fully data driven from the config files. So there is no setting up in code of the various menus, it’s all done with the config files.

This has advantages and disadvantages and I may have to break this pure data driven approach for some menus.. I’ll see.

Progress has been slow today, not very motivated at the moment. I may not keep doing a blog update every day as it’s pretty demanding. The main game is almost done anyway.. I’m not going to stop development, just that progress may be slow or consist of less visible work.

7 Responses to “Menus”

  1. Mike Says:

    When do you forsee having things like the undead rules, engagement, and illusions in? And are you waiting on those to submit another downloadable version?

  2. happymonster Says:

    I don’t know when they will be in.. I’ll be working on them soon, but I’m not going to set a deadline for myself for features. I’ll just see when they get done.

  3. GrantTLC Says:

    All the best developers use the “done when it’s done” philosophy; Blizzard, Valve, GSC, 3D Realms…you just take your time, man. You’ve already demonstrated a frightening level of progress – don’t go burning yourself out!

    We rabid fans do get pushy at times, but in most cases have much more patience than at first glance. 😉 I did have a buncha questions for ya, but in honour of your slower pace I’m gonna wait to ask ’em until I get back from next week’s holiday.


  4. Adam Jimenez Says:

    I’ve been following remakes of chaos for about 6 or 7 years! A few more weeks won’t hurt.

    Excellent work so far. Take a break, you’ve earned it!

  5. Kreezer Says:

    I’ve been following Chaos remakes for years as well. The strange thing is that I’ve have never been much interested in other remakes of games like Manic Miner, Space Invaders or Jet Pak.

    I just shows what a great game Chaos was and will always be!

  6. happymonster Says:

    Thanks guys! I do appreciate the patience. 🙂

  7. Mike Says:

    Heh, I didn’t mean to come off as impatient. Just curious, that’s all. And it’s true, you’ve done more work on this game in such a short time span than many who have gone on for years just for their projects to die without as much as a playable build. I know the rest of it will be worth whatever the wait might be. 🙂

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