I’ll post this quickly before I go out in the sun. I’ve added Mutation which can be a very interesting spell to use since the final creature (if it works) is totally random.

As always, the spell itself wasn’t difficult, but making the AI use the spell (especially on it’s own creatures) took a lot of time and tweaking. I’m sure things will still need to be improved in the future as well, but it works for now.

Also, added a new flag for pieces to show if they are transparent or not. This lets me make spectre, ghost, wraith & magic fire transparant for ranged combat, magic bolt/lightning and other spells like subversion, mutation and raise dead.

6 Responses to “Mutation”

  1. GrantTLC Says:

    I have a question. In very rare cases, using Mutation in the ST version of Chaos would produce an enormously quick and powerful creature that bore a striking resemblance to a Giger Alien…will we be seeing that in your new version of the game???

  2. happymonster Says:

    Ah yes, the famous alien. I believe you also had a very small chance of getting it from a Magic Tree too..

    There is no reason why it can’t be added to the game. You’d just add the details for an alien piece in a folder in the Piece directory, then add it to the piece list (for that pack), but not include it as a spell. This means a mutation could pick it..

    The harder part is getting the proper stats and gfx for it from the Atari ST version!

  3. Mike Says:

    Or we could just make it as bug nasty as we want to. 😛

  4. GrantTLC Says:

    We could do, yeah…or I could take that as a personal challenge to play enough ST Chaos to try and get you a screenshot!

  5. happymonster Says:

    Ouch! I think you’ll go insane!

    Remember as well that if you do want an accurate reproduction you’ll need all the stats, and all the gfx frames (3 or 4 frames + a possible body frame).


  6. GrantTLC Says:

    I’m sure a few Ex-GF’s will tell you my grip on sanity is tenuous at the best of times.

    I’ll have a go, but I ain’t promisin’ nuthin! 🙂

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