Fixing bugs!

As always with a release there are bugs that get missed. I’ve been fixing those today:

  • Raise dead can now be cast by human wizards. When I added the support for grey dotted square highlighting (to show the range) I forgot to do a few checks which caused some issues.
  • Lighting can now be cast from trees, The highlighting code wasn’t being passed the right wizard ‘layer’, so it didn’t know he was in a tree and was instead looking at the tree (which can’t attack) and so was not drawing attack targets.
  • Walls can now not make you engaged. I’ve added a check to only engage if the creature has an attack value. Maybe this should be maneuverability?
  • Shadow trees will now be correctly used by the computer wizards to attack pieces. The old code had no check to see if a piece could attack even if it couldn’t move..
  • The AI will no longer pause for a second or two trying to select pieces which can’t do anything (i.e. shadow wood trees that have no enemies around them).
  • There was a flaw with the line of sight which made it non-symmetrical. This has now been fixed and I’ve made the line of sight more precise at the cost of more checking.
  • Spells like subversion which use magic resistance will not now be considered against a creature with a value of 0 (unattackable by magic)
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3 Responses to “Fixing bugs!”

  1. Mike Says:

    Wow, sometimes we take the amazing complexity of this game for granted, but it’s pretty easy to see when someone is remaking it. 🙂 Keep it up!

  2. Adam Jimenez Says:

    Great stuff – did you fix dismounting?

    I’ve played this game like 20 times today!

  3. happymonster Says:

    Mike: It seems simple, and in some ways it is. But like the gameplay the way things interact can produce some interesting side-effects. That’s part of the beauty of the game though, and what gives it more playability than many more modern and complex games.

    Adam: Yes, I have fixed that too.. Glad you are enjoying the demo. 🙂

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