Great balls of fire..

Somewhere in the middle of this raging inferno is a wizard who is about to die!

Screenshot for Chaos Groove, with fire effect in place.

Yes, I’ve been improving and adding new particle effects (and they look much better in motion!) Firstly, there is an improved exploding effect (such as when casting magic bolt). I’ve also added a proper flame effect (see above), for when a dragon’s fire hits something. I still need to do proper missile particle effects.. Also in place is a new magic attack effect (which looks pretty cool), and this also means that I’ve added the 4 magic attack spells: Justice, Decree, Dark Power & Vengence. Not only that, but the AI will actually use them as well. 🙂

The AI won’t cast them on a wizard that is not riding another creature (or tree, castle), because for the moment I have not put in the code where a wizard loses all his creatures. This will be optional in the game with a few variations, I always felt it was too unbalanced personally.. but it will be in there if people want to enable it.

Once I’ve got the AI to use raise dead properly, I’ll be moving onto spells like magic shield, etc.. There is more drawing for the wizard gfx for those, so it will take a bit longer.

Fixing bugs!

As always with a release there are bugs that get missed. I’ve been fixing those today:

  • Raise dead can now be cast by human wizards. When I added the support for grey dotted square highlighting (to show the range) I forgot to do a few checks which caused some issues.
  • Lighting can now be cast from trees, The highlighting code wasn’t being passed the right wizard ‘layer’, so it didn’t know he was in a tree and was instead looking at the tree (which can’t attack) and so was not drawing attack targets.
  • Walls can now not make you engaged. I’ve added a check to only engage if the creature has an attack value. Maybe this should be maneuverability?
  • Shadow trees will now be correctly used by the computer wizards to attack pieces. The old code had no check to see if a piece could attack even if it couldn’t move..
  • The AI will no longer pause for a second or two trying to select pieces which can’t do anything (i.e. shadow wood trees that have no enemies around them).
  • There was a flaw with the line of sight which made it non-symmetrical. This has now been fixed and I’ve made the line of sight more precise at the cost of more checking.
  • Spells like subversion which use magic resistance will not now be considered against a creature with a value of 0 (unattackable by magic)
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