Pathfinding test

Chaos Groove Pathfinding test Screenshot

This is just a test of the pathfinding under extreme conditions to make sure it all works properly. 🙂

I will also use this pathfinding for game options which throw in a user definable amount of walls and destructable objects on the board to make sure no wizard is trapped in a corner. 😉

8 Responses to “Pathfinding test”

  1. kreezer Says:

    Most impressive !

  2. Ash Says:

    This looks like a cross between Chaos and Wizard of Wor or something.

    The other thing it looks like is a Chaos-esque RPG – going beyond a fixed ‘arena’ and having some sort of random dungeon over several screens, but retaining the rest of the gameplay.

  3. kreezer Says:

    Looks ‘Rogue-like’ to me.

  4. happymonster Says:

    I do like Rogue games too, and I have thought before about a Rogue / Chaos game. But that is probably beyond the scope of this project. 🙂

  5. kreezer Says:

    Chaos is flexible enough to mix with lots of game types. For example, there could be a PokeMon/Chaos fusion mode where as well as the normal game play, the wizard could catch creatures in Chaos-Spheres for extra points.

  6. happymonster Says:

    The genre is flexible, but designing an engine that is so flexible to do radically different game modes is more of a challenge.. 😉

  7. Kreezer Says:

    Which pathfinding algorithm are you using?

  8. happymonster Says:

    My own.. 😉

    A flood-fill kind of routine using the movement points to determine where it can reach.

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