Fixed a few bugs

I’ve fixed a bug where the check to show if a creature (or wizard) was riding on top of another one was wrong in the status panel at the bottom. This sometimes resulted in “()” appearing after a creature’s name.

Fixed a couple of bugs related to riding creatures and dismounting from them.

Fixed a few visual bugs with highlighting friendly creatures and creatures that could be selected.

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2 Responses to “Fixed a few bugs”

  1. Mike Says:

    Sweet! Can’t wait for the next downloadable version! And if you’d like, I could see if I could spruce up the creature graphics for you. I’ve already played with a few ideas for some of the creatures, but I haven’t come up with anything I was to proud of yet. 😛

  2. happymonster Says:

    Go ahead and have a play with the creature gfx. I don’t promise to use it, but if I like it I will! 🙂

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