Fixed a few bugs

I’ve fixed a bug where the check to show if a creature (or wizard) was riding on top of another one was wrong in the status panel at the bottom. This sometimes resulted in “()” appearing after a creature’s name.

Fixed a couple of bugs related to riding creatures and dismounting from them.

Fixed a few visual bugs with highlighting friendly creatures and creatures that could be selected.

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Ohh.. Look at that!

First of all I think I’m going to use quarter sized images (640 x 480) instead of using the full sized screenshots and letting WordPress make a teeny tiny little thumbnail..Screenshot 10

So, as you can see from this screenshot you will see I’ve added the Wall spell. I have yet to make the AI players use this, but you can cast upto 4 blocks as in the original. In the above screenshot there have been 2 wall spells been cast in case you were wondering where the extra blocks came from!

I’ve had to expand the engine to provide support for spell icons, (in addition to using creature sprites as icons), as well as adding extra features such as multiple casts to be used with walls and shadow woods. This also means that you could now make a spell which lets you cast 2 dire wolves, or 3 orcs.. 🙂

I’ve also added support for text descriptions for the non-creature spells, and rearranged the user interface at the bottom to make better use of colour to more clearly show each creatures statistics.

Law-1, Law-2, Chaos-1 & Chaos-2 are also now implemented, but since they are the most useless spells in the game, that’s not so great! 😉