Interface Design

I’ve tried to design the User Interface used in the game with two points in mind: Efficiency and Simplicity.

So, I wanted the interface to be as quick to use as possible without clicking on a lot of buttons, but without being intrusive and getting in the way of the board. This has been carried through into the game, so that you move over a spell icon in the Spell Selection Phase of the game and the places where that spell can be cast are automatically shown on the board. No buttons need to be clicked on or pressed to make this aspect of the interface as quick and as simple as possible.

However, I also don’t want the interface to intrude and get in the way of the board view, so if the mouse is moved off of the spell icons then the highlighting disappears straight away.

This has led to a slight dilemma when trying to show to the player his wizard and current creatures. Moving the mouse over an enemy creature is not a problem as I can just highlight all that wizards creatures in red and it doesn’t really intrude. However if I try to highlight our wizards creatures in a similar way it clashes with the movement highlighting. If I try to make the highlighting appear when the mouse is over a blank square on the board then this is too intrusive and gets in the way. I could add buttons in the bottom right of the interface, but this is also a little awkward.

At the moment I’ve made it so that holding down the right mouse button (as long as no creature is selected) will show the current wizards creatures. This is very handy, but not the best solution. So, I’ll still be thinking of a better way to do this.  🙂

3 Responses to “Interface Design”

  1. kreezer Says:

    Perhaps one option to highlight the current player’s wizard and creatures, is to animate them as usual while making the enemy wizard’s creatures not animated (frozen in time). This way you would see that anything that does not move is an enemy.

  2. happymonster Says:

    It’s a clever idea, but I’m not sure it would be obvious enough for some creatures. I also don’t really want anything to always interfere with the presentation of the board (such that enemy creatures are always highlighted, faded or frozen).

    I’m sure I’ll come up with something..!

  3. Gaz Says:

    When the mouse is over the player’s wizard you could fade the enemy wizards’ creatures to nearly invisible

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