Bug fixing and AI work

I’ve also fixed a couple of bugs today, one relating to a typing error which meant that AI moved pieces could occasionally get stuck.

I’ve also added some more AI debug info on screen when debugging which has proved helpful. The Wizard movement code has been changed a little as well. The AI spell selection is still a bit predictable, need to do some more work on that..

I’ve also made some of the more important highlights (can attack & can ride) thicker so they stand out more. This looks better and works well in practice.

I would like to try to get a playable demo out there for people to try this weekend, but this might not be possible. I am sure people would like the chance to test it out though, so I’ll do my best! 🙂

More creature gfx done

I’ve been hard at work again today on doing some more new creature gfx for the Groove gfx set. Today I have done new work for these creatures :

Dire Wolf, Crocodile,Vampire (recoloured), Lion (improved), Elf, Orc, Gorilla, Skeleton, Eagle, Giant and Zombie.

I’ve still got a few to do, but most of them are done now which is good news! 🙂