AI progress

The AI is now able to select from creature spells according to a risk value. Low risk values mean the wizard first tries to cast spells with a high chance of succeeding. High risk values mean the wizard will try to cast spells like dragons and vampires which are not that likely to work.

Tied into this risk value is an assesment of the wizards strength in comparison to enemy wizards. Positive values means the wizard is in a position of strength and so the risk value will increase as he feels more able to take a risk in casting harder spells.

Negative values mean the wizard feels under threat and is more likely to cast easier spells to try to get back into the game. However if the threat is severe then the wizard will try more risky spells to try to stop the more dangerous creatures that are threatening him. This is all without illusions being present in the game yet..

Here is a screenshot showing a 4 AI wizard battle (where one has already been killed) in a game mode where all spells work. You can see from the info at the bottom their strength and risk values. 🙂


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