More bits & pieces

I’ve been working a little more on the AI today. I’ve made the computer players try to keep away from the corners and being directly against a border unless they feel threatened by a creature being too close, or if a powerful creature is cast like a dragon. It took a while to get the balance right, but it now seems to be working ok which helps the movement feel a little bit more intelligent than in Funk where wizards used to run straight into corners.

Also today I’ve let the right mouse button cancel movement and/or firing as in Chaos Funk. Little UI shortcuts like this do help to make things flow quicker.

Finally I’ve been working on the gfx, including the 8 basic wizard designs as well as a few more creatures. I still wish I had the help of a proper gfx artist, but at least the new Groove pack doesn’t look so sharp edged as the Funk pack.

Here’s a screenshot showing some examples of this:


2 Responses to “More bits & pieces”

  1. Gaz Says:

    Looks like good progress you are making. Where do you find the time to work on Chaos Groove, are you a full time indie games programmer or do you have a “proper” job getting in the way?

  2. happymonster Says:

    At the moment I can work on Chaos Groove in the day, but that won’t be the case in the future. So I am trying to get a bit done now.

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