Bits & Pieces

A few more bits & pieces done today:

  • Made control icons fade in for player turns (spellselection, spellcasting & movement), but fade out for computer controlled wizards to avoid distraction.
  • Allowed creatures to have different ranged combat gfx, so now centaurs can shoot arrows while dragons can breath fire. I’d still like to add modern graphical effects for the fire. But this is good enough for now.
  • Cleaned up and improved cursors for casting a spell (S) and the flying creature cursor.
  • Added spell sorting when player’s spells are picked. They are first sorted alphabetically, and then by chance. So the final list has the spells most likely to succeed at the top (grouped together due to the alphabetical sorting) and the spells hardest to cast at the bottom. Makes it easier to judge spells and seeing them in the same kind of places helps the player keep them more sorted in his head. The same way people sometimes sort cards in a hand..