Current Screenshot

Here’s a current screenshot showing the high-resolution Chaos Funk gfx set alongside the moden user interface showing pathfinding for easy creature movement:

Chaos Groove Screenshot

(Click on the thumbnail for a full sized 1280 x 1024 screenshot)

2 Responses to “Current Screenshot”

  1. Duncan Timiney Says:

    Hi, I’m happy to see you are continuing to work on your Chaos remakes (last time I checked, you were sort of abandoning Chaos Bass); saw that someone linked to you from my Chaos page;

    Chaos Groove is looking good, I’m glad you’re retaining the flat-and-crisp sprite philosophy of the original, and the movement squares are nice. Look forwards to playing it!

  2. happymonster Says:

    Cheers. Hopefully, I’ll soon have a demo up of what I have done so far.

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