Graphical update

I’m currently working on both the programming and tidying up the existing scaled up Chaos Funk gfx for a new Chaos Groove gfx set. Since I am not really an artist this is difficult and quite tedious.

After experimenting a little, I’ve decided that I’m going to make things simpler by keeping the existing ‘flat’ style, but smoothing the curved edges, improving and fixing errors in the scaling and using a more dynamic colour scheme.

Here is an example of the new lion gfx (with a mane at last!)


And here is the new Ogre (with a more dynamic colour scheme)


Notice the smoother curves on both graphics while still retaining the flat minimal style which does work for Chaos and makes it easier to do graphics.

7 Responses to “Graphical update”

  1. happymonster Says:


  2. vicki Says:

    I play chaos funk and really like it, I think that the new graphics look great. Sounds silly but I am a girl and I like the sound effects and the characters. I think that the mane in the new lion is cute.

  3. happymonster Says:

    Thanks Vicki!


  4. Nick Stevens Says:

    Are the graphics all being generated mathematically in-code (a la vectors) or do you start with a bitmap?

    And hey, keep up the good work. Nice to to see you getting your Groove back on. 😉

  5. happymonster Says:

    These are pre-generated from Chaos Funk’s data as plain bitmap images. These will form the Chaos Funk set (with added anti-aliasing). In addition, I’m working on them to smooth the sharp edges, tidy up scaling errors and to recolour them for the default Chaos Groove set.

  6. Zeb Says:

    Cool to see someone resurrecting a great game from yesturyear.

    One quick comment: How about some sprites taking up more than one square. Couldn’t a golden dragon take up a 3×2 space; a giant take up a 2×3 space; a castle take up a huge space!

    Good luck and keep up the good work 🙂 And is there any chance of a Mac version?


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