Graphical update

I’m currently working on both the programming and tidying up the existing scaled up Chaos Funk gfx for a new Chaos Groove gfx set. Since I am not really an artist this is difficult and quite tedious.

After experimenting a little, I’ve decided that I’m going to make things simpler by keeping the existing ‘flat’ style, but smoothing the curved edges, improving and fixing errors in the scaling and using a more dynamic colour scheme.

Here is an example of the new lion gfx (with a mane at last!)


And here is the new Ogre (with a more dynamic colour scheme)


Notice the smoother curves on both graphics while still retaining the flat minimal style which does work for Chaos and makes it easier to do graphics.

Chaos Groove Blog now active!

Hello all,

Welcome to the Chaos Groove Blog, which will detail the development of the best version of Chaos ever made!

As soon as I get used to this blog I’ll start to post a bit more content..